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From the most recognized name in Electrosurgery,
the most advanced Gastroenterology solution
The ICON Gi is an innovative electrosurgical generator with fully digital implementation for use in today’s modern GI suites. It was designed in conjunction with GI clinicians to provide a safe, user-friendly unit that can meet all GI procedure demands.
Reference: GI120
Output Type: RF Isolated "F"
Output Power
Pure Cut: 200W @ 300Ω
Blend: 100W @ 300Ω
Safe Cut: 200W @ 50Ω
Pinpoint Coag: 80W @ 500Ω
Gentle Coag: 120W @ 125Ω
Bipolar: 80W @ 100Ω
Gentle Bipolar: 50W @ 25Ω
Output Frequency: 492 kHZ ±5
Line Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50-60 HZ

* Cart sold separately.
Bovie ICON Gi Features
Easy to Use
       • Touch-Screen Interface with high resolution TFT color display. No buttons or knobs.
       • Swivel bezel allows the screen to be viewed from almost any angle.
       • Intuitive graphical user interface allows easy setup and quick settings adjustments.
       • Physician Preference database provides a quick changeover between cases.

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Learn more about the Bovie ICON Gi electrosurgical generator and its revolutionary features.

Available Literature: 

       • Bovie NEM™, the most advanced technology available to fight pad burns.
       • Increases patient safety by requiring the use of only split pads.
       • Common Sense error messaging prevents misinterpretation and allows for
         quicker troubleshooting.
       • Special audible tones alert users of improper cable connections.

       • Digitally controlled outputs and user interface means that new modes can be
         added so that your unit is never outdated.
       • Multiple communication ports (i.e. USB and Ethernet) allow the ICON Gi to link
         up with other equipment in the GI suite.

       • Standard Four-Year Warranty
       Four-Year Warranty Sticker
       • The ICON Gi is backed by the Bovie name, the most recognized name in electrosurgery.

Clinical Benefits
       • Safe Cut — Mode specifically tailored for polypectomy and ERCP procedures
       • Gentle Coag — a gentler mode without carbonization
       • Bovie FDFS™— Technology that calculates the impedance, 5,000 times per second by sampling the current and voltage 5,000,000 times per second.